Monday, September 7, 2009

Cat Slobber on the Keyboard & Findings on Myself

So, I took the personality test and I'm apparently an INFP. So generally, I'm idealistic, loyal to my values and people who are important to me. I want an external life that is congruent with my values. I am also curious, quick to seek possibilites, and am a catalyst for implementing ideas. I try to understand people and help them fulfill their potential. I am adaptable, flexible, and accepting unless a value is threatened.

This is all crazily accurate. Though I already knews these traits of myself, it's pretty weird to see it in black and white or via a quiz on Facebook...

I think there's a part of everyone that believes there is genuinely something unique or special about them or their experiences that hasn't existed or will reign in anyone else. Perhaps this quiz as further proved to me that there are more people like me than I imagined or even wanted to. I guess the old addage, "You're unique; just like everyone else" is the biting Truth after all.

So, I tried to save my results for The Political Compass tests to my favorites but yeah, did not work. I tried to complete it last night but was so tired I stopped halfway through and so I completed it this morning. I rather not take it again, so I'll try my best to recall its results: Left wing Libertarian, this meaning I believe in individualistic prowess & some elements of anarchy. Basically, I'm a few steps from Ghandi.

This is accurate as well. I think that everything needs balance and our values as citizens greatly affect what happens to us. I do believe that we need a government to keep society in check, yet as a society it is our responsibility to choose who are our voices and who makes decisions for us as a whole.

Religious Questions Not to be Asked on a First Date or at the Thanksgiving table:

1. Do you have a spiritual belief or practice? Yes, I do. I am a Non-denominational Christian. I believe that we are here for a divine purpose. I am supportive of gay rights and abortion; just because I am a Christian does not mean that sterotypical ignorances, that are unfortunately associated with Christianity, should ever choose the end results of anyone's personal situations/decisions. I believe in people and the power of prayer. Live, Laugh, Love, and Learn is where it's at.

2. Is belief itself a problem? Depends on what one believes and how it could affect the masses as a whole as well as the individual who is practicing it. As long as it is not destructive, negative, disrespectful, or cataclysmic and if it makes someone feel happy and secure then go for it.

3. How important is tolerance of differing beliefs in regard to this topic? Extremely important. Intolerance and ignorance are my two of my biggest pet peeves. I think that one of our purposes to live is to understand, connect, and help those around us by being as non judgmental as unhumanly possible.

4. Do you believe in a divine being or higher power? I believe in God and Jesus Christ. I also believe in the paranormal and the Unknown.

5. How do you relate to this concept to a higher power? I believe that we are all made in the image of God and that as a follower of Jesus Christ there is a power of love and protection that reigns over me.

6. What is the relationship between the spirtual and physical world? I think that the spiritual world dominates the physical world and that everything in the physical world encompasses spirtuatlity.

7. How important is spirtuality to your personal identity? It is very important. My upbringing and spirituality has molded me into who I am today.

8. What is your attitude to people whose views on spiritual matters differ from your own? It works if your work it.

9. Do you believe your spiritual beliefs continue to change over time or generally stay the same? What is the importance of change or its lack? My spiritual belief has changed in a way that it is more accepting of people and their differences. Change is crucial. It can ultimately break us or make us. Life's biggest lessons are garnered from Change.

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