Monday, November 30, 2009


in short, this was the most life changing Thanksgiving break ... of my life.
+ I held my God son.
- I got used; got stabbed in the back.
+Life made sense.
- Then it didn't.
+/- People changed,
+ for the best,
- for the fucking worst.
+ We hugged,
- we fought.
+Wars were won,
- bombs were dropped.
+/-The familiarity hurt & helped
The ripples of Change
+/- hit & then passed

+ Life's a snow globe. Shake it up. Observe.

~Deuces~ mother fucker!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Word Vomit.

Rachel Forrest's tone is as simplistic as it is arresting. She creates a comfortable, no bullshit atmosphere that instantly makes the reader trust her judgment. She uses the rhetorical device of cataloging in order to support the easygoing imagery and setting of the Flatbread Company thus creating an appeal to the readers' taste buds. I love how she lists the prices and the majority of the time, is politically correct. Though she is biased as she is a restaurant owner herself, she sits atop the fence line, giving critiques as well as praises.

Craig Outhier is biting, clever, and most of all relevant in Potter Power. His particular choice of weapon is humor, coated in spiteful intelligence. However, his voice borders pretentiousness as he shows off his vocabulary skills whilst bashing the plot in the third installment of Harry Potter.

As an amateur comedian I, like Outhier, enjoy taking an overly commercialized pop culture phenomenon and exposing it for what it really is: A PUBLICITY STUNT.

Some examples would be: Twilight, Miley Cyrus, etc.

Some people would argue that critics are way too harsh, but honestly, if people didn't make fun of shit, or point out its flaws, then we would have no idea what precident the standard of good would fall upon.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

meaningful relationships + stress + grades = college.

my stomach cringes
from stress. i have
a lot on my plate, but
thankfully, after this
weekend my stress
level should drop
this weekend,
i'm competing at
Carson Newman.
i'm acting out a
story of an abusive
father and his daughter
with a friend.
i don't want to screw
it up for him. i'm still memorizing
my lines.
i'm the secretary and also
team member for the TTU
Speech and Debate team.
it's time consuming and
hard work.
but i absolutely love it.

i think i may change my
major to journalism.
part of me wants to teach,
but a bigger part of me wants
to write.
if i could write for a living,
even if it was shit freelance
i'd be golden.

i feel like little things are
falling apart.
i feel like a fuckup.
everyone i know is
getting depressed.
i blame it on the
early winter.

whatever happens,
i'll be okay.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

scrambled eggs at midnight, i'll leave the lights on for you.

you're still in the boxcar.
but not with me.
can't say i'm not surprised.
this type of thing happens
all the time.
dreamer of
stay clean
don't stray
but at the
end of the
is finished
and packed
i've stacked
my desires
on the shelf
in the attic
where i scream
in the static
until all our
words fade
with dusk.

so, i'm a huge believer in the law of attraction.
what you fear you create is all too true.

it's weird, and fleeting, and unfair.
it's the best drug on the market.

i'm stubborn, because there is still a trace.
a small voice that won't let me relinquish
you. i can't help it.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Things I Hate: Currently & Forever!!

The nonexistence of love like in the movies.
The Snowball effect.
The American mentality.
Unmet goals.
Pale ale.
Mixed signals.
(more later...)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Screaming into Static, "That Chicken Sandwich is Orgasmic!"

As I venture down the rabbit hole that is college, I begin to realize something: Christianity Sucks. It's not the religion itself, but the ignorant cesspool that is wrought. Let's face it, no one knows what the fuck they're talking about. Stop trying. Why are you basing your whole life around inconsistent, unreliable information that has been altered over thousands of years?

Anyway, let's talk about the two intake forms. So at first, I thought the church was just being nosy in asking the marital status of a potential client, however it allegedly doesn't have to do with social/religious prejudice, it's really about trying to find out whether the client could be receiving some sort of income through his or her spouse. I learned that interviewing one of the pastors for our project. Thankfully, it shook my bias. Also, the other seemingly irrelevant questions the church poses, such as what the pastor deemed, the client's "personal faith journey", aren't really irrelevant. These questions are helping the church get to know someone. Obviously, certain answers are better and make some clients stand out more, or may be more likely to receive help, but let's face it: the clients chose where they applied for help. if they don't agree with relaying certain information or feel as if it isn't fair, just because they're not Christian then they can choose to go elsewhere. In a perfect world, the compassion of a Christian should be effortless and nonjudgmental. But because we are in the real world, where there are as many types of Christians as there are types of people, this isn't and will never be the case. People are naturally selfish people. It's a survival instinct. We can't change that. We can just channel the aggression through religion and law.

The other intake form kept the questions relevant and concise. It asked information about the financial history of the client, income, etc. All of which pertains to the initial reason the client is there. Not for spiritual counseling or whatever, just "what do you need. what do you have." Simple. It's government funded. We can't afford to save people in the after life.

Meet Joe Blog was pretty interesting.loved the sarcastic tone. right up my alley, obviously. It's pretty cool that what I'm doing right now will be read by not only people I'm in a class with, but also people who don't know me at all. It's like this blog will be a memorial for me in cyberspace until blogger shuts down. Blogs are very much like online diaries. Though it's great to keep things private, I think it's more rewarding to throw caution to the air and let people know why you're still breathing. what i learned from good joe blog, is that what i'm writing is a blip on the screen of media. even though i'm a blip, i'm still part of a greater picture of humanity.

Homeless On Campus makes me feel soooo much more grateful for what I do have. I'm a very down to earth person, but now having a loofah makes me feel like a spoiled bitch.