Thursday, November 19, 2009

Word Vomit.

Rachel Forrest's tone is as simplistic as it is arresting. She creates a comfortable, no bullshit atmosphere that instantly makes the reader trust her judgment. She uses the rhetorical device of cataloging in order to support the easygoing imagery and setting of the Flatbread Company thus creating an appeal to the readers' taste buds. I love how she lists the prices and the majority of the time, is politically correct. Though she is biased as she is a restaurant owner herself, she sits atop the fence line, giving critiques as well as praises.

Craig Outhier is biting, clever, and most of all relevant in Potter Power. His particular choice of weapon is humor, coated in spiteful intelligence. However, his voice borders pretentiousness as he shows off his vocabulary skills whilst bashing the plot in the third installment of Harry Potter.

As an amateur comedian I, like Outhier, enjoy taking an overly commercialized pop culture phenomenon and exposing it for what it really is: A PUBLICITY STUNT.

Some examples would be: Twilight, Miley Cyrus, etc.

Some people would argue that critics are way too harsh, but honestly, if people didn't make fun of shit, or point out its flaws, then we would have no idea what precident the standard of good would fall upon.

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