Tuesday, November 17, 2009

meaningful relationships + stress + grades = college.

my stomach cringes
from stress. i have
a lot on my plate, but
thankfully, after this
weekend my stress
level should drop
this weekend,
i'm competing at
Carson Newman.
i'm acting out a
story of an abusive
father and his daughter
with a friend.
i don't want to screw
it up for him. i'm still memorizing
my lines.
i'm the secretary and also
team member for the TTU
Speech and Debate team.
it's time consuming and
hard work.
but i absolutely love it.

i think i may change my
major to journalism.
part of me wants to teach,
but a bigger part of me wants
to write.
if i could write for a living,
even if it was shit freelance
i'd be golden.

i feel like little things are
falling apart.
i feel like a fuckup.
everyone i know is
getting depressed.
i blame it on the
early winter.

whatever happens,
i'll be okay.

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