Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dinner Table No-Nos accompanied by Gregory & the Hawk

I feel like "GOD" is so much bigger than a handmedown concept or preconceived notion of "You're not allowed to ______________." Because honestly, if God really hated the gay community, abortion, drugs, excessive alcohol indulgence, tight clothing, and secular anything then why would he put it here? Some people would say, "Oh, Man created it." Who the hell created Man then? I mean, damn. "Oh, well, God put that stuff here so that we can learn to choose him over that stuff." "We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps." - Proverbs 16:9. So, what is the end result for all of us? So, before we're born does God get to choose who he wants to go to heaven or hell? What's the point in going through hardship and life if God already determines where we'll end up? I mean, does God ever get surprised? Do we really have free reign over our lives/fate? Is God just a made up being to serve as a security blanket for the masses? What makes Christianity right and every other religion wrong? So if indigenous people never heard of Jesus or God or the Holy Spirit, do they just get sent to hell? "Well, that's why we have missionaries so they can preach the good news to the heathens." So what about the whole "Judge not lest you be judged" mantra. Aren't missionaries essentianlly judging the beliefs that different people hold? Isn't the meaning of judging someone holding an opinion of another person, positive or negative? Isn't judging someone sizing up their flaws and indirectly comparing them to your own walk of life?

I feel like whatever someone believes in, it will happen for them in the afterlife.
But, I'm also scared of the concept of being nothing. No thought or feeling. Just pitchblack, dead silence.

I believe in God, a higher power.

Not Bobblehead God on the dashboard of a Yukon that has a Dubya sticker on the rear windshield which rides the Jesus fish into the pompom/soccer ball/baseball stickers possessed by the 2.5 whitebread children who have names like Mary Ashley , Sarah Beth, and John Luke.

I think the things that we encounter on a daily basis are important and beautiful, because it's the evidence of humanity and we are humanity. I believe that we are all here to learn and to grow and to help one another and to cherish everything.

I hate that we've set up a general, comfortable life plan for one another
1. Education 2. Career/Marriage 3. Procreation

These are just the three basic branches for Society. They have their own set of point value systems depending on if you went to college, if you're salary is comfortable or lavish, who you married to and how's their salary, family, religious beliefs, are you're kids clean, shiny, respectable, and have played soccer.

It just sucks. It's boring and monotonous and unfeeling. It's like the prerequisites to die respectfully.

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